Pete Mason is a Christian author, speaker and musician and founder of the band Myztery 

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    Pete has been interviewed by Global TV BC, CBC Radio Two, ROCK 101, CHRI in Ottawa, the Burnaby Now and BC Christian News.
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    Pete has performed on Global TV BC, CTV News Vancouver and across Canada in theatres, churches, schools and prayer meetings as well as Western USA.
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    Pete's books include Spiritual Weapons, A Year of Merciful Love, Tempus Fugit, Prayer for the Renewal of the Church and his most recent memoir, Radical Shifts
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    Radical Shifts tells the story of how Pete went from a drug and alcohol abusing rock musician to a follower of Jesus and eventually a Catholic priest.
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    Pete served as a priest for 10 years until he left the ministry due to health reasons and was married to Cyndie Grozelle and started a Christian band, Myztery.
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    Myztery has released four albums and six music videos.

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  “ Myztery did a wonderful job of entertaining our students and staff.  More importantly, they presented the gospel in a powerful and exciting  manner” 
   - Andrew Novecosky, Principal, Elementary School, Viscount,  Saskatchewan 
"God is certainly at work in your lives.  May He continue to touch many souls through you."

   - Rev. Paul Murphy, Pastor of Christ the King Church, Courtenay, BC
“The most creative presentation of the gospel I have ever seen” 

-- Pastor Tim Hill, Evangelical Free Church of Champion, Alberta